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European Brain Council lanserar kampanjen ”No Health Without Brainhealth”

European Brain Council (EBC) is pleased to fully kick off the No Health Without Brain Health campaign in the lead up to Brain Awareness Week 2024 and the EU Elections, aimed to increase public and policy awareness around brain health in Europe and beyond. Society is facing brain challenges like never before — improving the health and wellbeingof citizens has become the top priority for many governments and brain health should not be left behind.


2024 is a pivotal year as 64 countries worldwide will host major elections and major political, economic, and overall societal shifts and instability continue to unravel. This initiative aims to put a spotlight on the urgency of addressing the growing burden, the socioeconomic impacts and the need to significantly increase investment in the brain R&D space. 

The campaign, which will run until the formation of a new Parliament and Commission in the autumn, aims to increase attention for brain health, not only from within the wider brain community but also from EU policymakers and the public, to place the brain higher on health and research policy agendas to ensure that more resources are channeled towards prevention awareness, research on the brain and for the 179 million Europeans currently living with some form of brain condition.

With its annual Brain Awareness Week event as a first pillar of the campaign, EBC plans to launch brain health deeper in the political narrative to advocate for increased recognition, prioritisation and investment in the brain space,focused around the Pledge for ScienceGlobal Call to Action and EBC 2024 EU Elections Manifesto.