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AlzeCure presenterar nya data på IASP 2024

AlzeCure Pharma, som utvecklar läkemedelskandidater för CNS-sjukdomar, med fokus på Alzheimers sjukdom och smärta, har tillkännagivit att ett sammandrag om det prekliniska projektet TrkA-NAM mot artrossmärta och annan svår smärta, har godkänts för presentation vid världskongressen IASP 2024 World Congress on Pain i Amsterdam den 5-9 augusti 2024.

The abstract, titled Pharmacological Effects of ACD137, a Potent and Selective Negative Allosteric Modulator of TrkA, will be presented at the global pain conference IASP 2024 World Congress on Pain by Pontus Forsell, project leader and Head of Discovery and Research at AlzeCure. The other authors include Gunnar Nordvall, Maria Backlund, Veronica Lidell, Azita Rasti, Cristina Parrado-Fernandez, Johan Sandin and Märta Segerdahl.

The presentation includes new preclinical results describing the properties of the recently selected drug candidate for TrkA-NAM, ACD137. The data show that the substance is a potent and selective negative modulator of NGF/TrkA signaling in cell-based assays. New data in several different preclinical pain models also show clear and significant analgesic effects of ACD137.

”The target mechanism in the project has strong validation in pain, both preclinically and clinically, and our new drug candidate ACD137 in the TrkA-NAM program is a very good example of the highly potent and selective substances that we have developed in the project. ACD137 shows very good pain relief in preclinical models in vivo, and these new data provide a clear validation of our research and development platform”, said  Pontus Forsell, Head of Discovery and Research at AlzeCure.

”The new results show that ACD137 is a very promising drug candidate with clear pain-relieving effects. The fact that the target mechanism is also not linked to the side effects and addiction problems observed with opioids is of course also important for future approval,” said Martin Jönsson, CEO of AlzeCure Pharma.
”Interest in TrkA-NAM has also increased further after Asahi Kasei recently started its phase 2b study with AK-1830 against knee osteoarthritis, which validates AlzeCure’s project, where we developed molecules that are even more potent and selective than AK-1830,” he continued.

Martin Jönsson, CEO of AlzeCure Pharma and Pontus Forsell, Head of Discovery and Research.

The abstract and the poster will be available on AlzeCure’s website after the presentation (